PC&J investigating claims regarding the e(V) Opportunities Fund I, LP, Cam Goodwin, Arthur Haws, HawsGoodwin Advisors LLC, Mercer Global Advisors, Inc., and Eminence Volatility Advisors.

Prosser, Clapper & Johnson Law (“PCJ Law”) is currently investigating potential claims related to the e(V) Opportunities Fund I, LP (the “Fund”) an options-based hedge fund created, operated and sold by Cam Goodwin (“Mr. Goodwin”), Arthur Haws (“Mr. Haws”), and others, through Eminence Volatility Advisors LLC. At the same time, Mr. Goodwin and Mr. Haws were also registered investment advisors with HawsGoodwin Advisors LLC (“HawsGoodwin”) ― which was thereafter acquired by Mercer Global Advisors, Inc. (“Mercer”).

Among other things, the Fund was promoted as having little downside risk. In reality, however, in less than two years, it suffered a loss of approximately 65% prior to being shut down in November 2022.

Over the life of the Fund, both Mr. Goodwin and Mr. Haws were Partners and Managing Directors of the Fund. At the same time, they also advised clients of HawsGoodwin ― and later Mercer ― to whom they owed a fiduciary duty to provide independent, unbiased investment advice. Clients that invested in the Fund and were clients of HawsGoodwin and/or /Mercer via Mr. Goodwin or Mr. Haws, may have potential claims if they suffered losses.

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