Changing Firms

Congratulations, you have found a new firm with the right culture where you can both advance your career and better serve your clients. However, before making the leap there are many areas where you need sound legal advice. This can range from getting the new firm’s promises put into an enforceable contract, to determining how to deal with the non-compete you have with your existing firm, to what you can take with you when you leave. While you may get gratuitous legal advice from the firm that is recruiting you, we represent only you and put your interests first. We also understand that at the end of the day, it is your livelihood at stake.

If you are contemplating changing firms or have already moved and now find yourself in need of an attorney highly experienced in broker transitions, we would like to help. Contact the attorneys at PCJ Lawfor a free, informative consultation at 901-820-4433.

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