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Investment fraud and other improper misconduct by a rogue financial advisor can put your financial future in jeopardy, wiping out years of work and shattering your peace of mind. Advisor misconduct can take many forms, including outright fraud – such as recklessly misrepresenting the risks of an investment or trading strategy to make a sale, overtrading an account to generate commissions or making trades without proper permission. Misconduct, however, can be more subtle and can also include advisor negligence – recommending a security that the broker did not fully understand or recommending a strategy – such as to hold a position – without considering all of the risks. Misconduct can also include a breach of fiduciary duty where the investment advisor or broker puts his interests ahead of the client’s – such as by recommending a fee-based account to a client who doesn’t trade frequently or by charging management fees on long-term positions (or on cash) where “management” is unnecessary. Each of these types of financial advisor misconduct have one common denominator: they are illegal and you can sue for your losses or even for the gains you reasonably should have made.

The attorneys at PCJ have a wealth of experience handling these types of cases – not just from the customer’s perspective, but from a firm’s perspective – an insight which can be valuable when litigating against a large corporation.

PCJ attorneys are experienced in resolving cases by informal settlement or through mediation, up to taking FINRA arbitrations to trial. Being a former insider, the firm’s managing parter, Mr. Prosser understands the types of documents that should exist and the duties your advisor– and his/her supervisors – owe to you as the client. Let the attorneys at PCJ put their perspective and experience to work for you. While we have physical locations in Memphis, Tennessee and Denver, Colorado, we will evaluate potential arbitration matters anywhere in the U.S. Contact our offices for a free, informative consultation at 901-820-4433.

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