Registered Representatives

Registered Representatives: Perspective Born From Experience

In today’s world, Registered Reps can often find themselves in need of experienced securities counsel.

  • Going independent or moving to a new firm? Obtaining sound advice before you leave can be critical to a smooth transition.
  • Your livelihood imperiled by false or misleading reports on your CRD? We also may be able to help you recover losses from your firm or seek expungment from FINRA for false and/or misleading disclosures surrounding your termination
  • Improperly terminated or have a legitimate offset to a promissory note? An experienced attorney can make a big difference.
  • Facing a regulator or arbitration without your own counsel? We can be the advocate you need.

The attorneys at PCJ law understand how problems like these can quickly wreck a career that took years – and countless hours of dedicated work – to build. PCJ attorneys understand what is at stake and have counseled numerous clients through these types of situations. While we have physical locations in Memphis, Tennessee and Denver, Colorado, we will evaluate potential matters that are out of state. Contact our offices for a free, informative consultation at 901-820-4433.

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